Air Neslo Beng On Tuesday, August 3, 2010

          First of all, I want to express my grateful to Almighty God that I am given a good health to finish this short coursework within the given time thus, I can submit in on the deadline. I want to express a lot of thanks to my beloved mother, Siti Bidah Binti Jusoh who always encourages me and give the support in my studies.
          A profound gratitude to my Language Development lecturers which are Miss Hajjah Zuriati Sabaruddin and Mr. Ahmad Kamal Abdul Ghani for their information and guidance in completing this coursework. They explained to my class on how to do this coursework in details so that my class members and I can understand what should we do for this coursework clearly and ensure that we were on the right track.
          Besides, I want to thank to my friends that had helped me in completing this coursework especially Ain Syuhada Binti Baharuddin who already lent me her broadband and this helped me in searching the articles from the internet. I very appreciate her good deeds.


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