Air Neslo Beng On Monday, August 16, 2010

         A lot of grateful to Almighty God that finally I can finish my first short coursework for Language Development 2 within the given time. I required writing a critical response on one current issue based on the theme that I chose. I chose the theme of environment and my topic for my critical response is “Global Warming: The World’s Big Threat”.
          I required to choose three articles from various sources which related to the issue of my choice. The articles must be related to one particular issue that I have identified. I got three articles from different sources; book, internet and newspaper article. I gained more information about the global warming by doing this coursework. The global warming is the big threat to the world as it can affect the life on the earth. We can see many effects due to global warming nowadays. By doing this coursework, I can raise the awareness in me and made me more concern about the global problem nowadays.
         I faced some difficulties during completing this coursework. One of them is I could not access the internet at the hostel and I had overcome it by borrowed the broadband from my friend.
         Last but not least, I hope that all information and inputs I gained from thus coursework will give benefit to the others and me and I will try to apply in my daily life. Lastly, I hope I can do better for my next coursework.


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