Air Neslo Beng On Friday, July 30, 2010

First of all I would like to thank to The Almighty Allah S.W.T because giving me an opportunity to finish my assignment and help me to succeed the task that have been given to me .Then, I would like to thank to our lecturer Encik. Asran Bin Md.Amin because he gives me the task and tells us what to do in orders to finish the task.
I also would like to thank to my fellow friends because give me support and information in order to find the resource that is useful to my assignment. Also to the person who also involve behind me to finish up the assignment according to time that has been given.
In this assignment I know that the type of plant reproductive,as we know the plant is an organisms that is live and produce it’s young in order to continue its heredity.Plant like bamboo plant,flower like water lily,onion,ginger and anything called plant are producing it’s young by many way.
The plant are undergo two different type of reproduction,is either by sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction.Sexual reproduction are happen in certain plant using male and female dormant.And asexual reproduction are also happen among the certain type of plant for example producing spores and vegetative reproduction.
As a conclusion I would like to thank to everyone and anyone who help me to finish my assignment. Last but not least, I hope I can do better when doing another assignment


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