Air Neslo Beng On Thursday, August 19, 2010

First of all I would like to thank to The Almighty Allah S.W.T because giving me an opportunity to finish my assignment and help me to succeed the task that have been given to me .Then, I would like to thank to our lecturer also our tutor  Mr.Zamry Bin Ibrahim because he gives me the task and tell us what to do in order to finish the task.
I also would like to thank to my fellow friend because give me support and information in order to find the resource that is useful to my assignment. Soon also to the person who also involve behind me to finish up the assignment according to time that has been  things like our given.
In this assignment I learned that our ability is actually limited, for example in order measure our school field, we need a measuring tape in order to find the length. Same also with the tailor at the tailor shop they need ruler in order to measure the fabric their customer. But in science field we need to know that our limitation can also affect our measurement and experiment result, so we need to know the right apparatus to measure the correct things and determine the accuracy and consistency of the instrument. This is because most of the problem regarding the measurement are actually comes from our self.
As a conclusion I would like to thank to everyone and anyone who help me to finish my assignment. Last but no least, I hope I can do better when doing another assignment


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