Air Neslo Beng On Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thank to The Almighty Allah S.W.T as I can finish my biology assignment on time finally. Our lecturer gave us this task early in July and have to finish it for one month from Tuan Haji Asran Bin Md. Amin , actually we need to hand in the assignment on 8 September  2009.
            We admitted that at first, we felt so blur and a little bit nervous because we do not know how and what to do in doing this project. Along the way, in doing this project, I gained a lot of knowledge about the plant reproduction, occurred along the time we attempt to finish this task. So on when I tried to find choose suitable material and source for my assignment.
            Besides, I also do not understand what to do at the beginning of the project. After I search the information from internet, and do some discussion with my friends and with my lecture. I could understand and imagine what I should do actually to complete the task given.
            If there is, any improvement that I want to make is about the experiment, I think it is clearer if we applied the problem in form of experiment. So on with the theory, it is a thing that we can see and understand more clearly. See the pollination that takes place in the flower; we can see it follow such a very complex
            From all above, honestly I feel happy and enjoy doing this task because it relates with our life. I learn that the new finding are very meaningful and has own advantages and disadvantages. As we can see not just human being that are reproduce but animal and so on to the plant. In order to continue the heredity and population the all living things are reproduce. It is a basic process of life.
            If we only know our life is filled with difference and something that are actually related to our life, of course it is science. By all of these words, I prefer to say thank you to all of the member and colleague who support me. Last but not least, for the greatest Inventor Allah S.W.T...


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