Air Neslo Beng On Friday, July 30, 2010

First of all I would like to thank to The Almighty Allah S.W.T because giving me an opportunity to finish my assignment and help me to succeed the task that have been given to me .Then, I would like to thank to our lecturer Encik. Asran Bin Md.Amin because he gives me the task and tells us what to do in orders to finish the task.
I also would like to thank to my fellow friends because give me support and information in order to find the resource that is useful to my assignment. Also to the person who also involve behind me to finish up the assignment according to time that has been given.
In this assignment I know that the type of plant reproductive,as we know the plant is an organisms that is live and produce it’s young in order to continue its heredity.Plant like bamboo plant,flower like water lily,onion,ginger and anything called plant are producing it’s young by many way.
The plant are undergo two different type of reproduction,is either by sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction.Sexual reproduction are happen in certain plant using male and female dormant.And asexual reproduction are also happen among the certain type of plant for example producing spores and vegetative reproduction.
As a conclusion I would like to thank to everyone and anyone who help me to finish my assignment. Last but not least, I hope I can do better when doing another assignment

Air Neslo Beng On Tuesday, July 27, 2010


“I admit this work is my own except each extract and summary I have explained its sources.”



Air Neslo Beng On Monday, July 26, 2010

Deepest gratitude again I say to lecturers already given much contribution in process complete this short-term course work assignment. I would like to say that this assignment is really challenging for me because I need to find three articles that have relation between them. Besides that, I need to express my personal response.
  In providing this assignment, I had sought material of various resources. Moreover, friends also have given contribute from time aspect spent in opined to finish up this course work. No forgotten to parents those always give their support to me.
This assignment result would not be complete without view and advice which gave by lecturers. Although I have done some mistakes, I have managed to correct it with Miss Yusmiza  help’s. This time I have met with my lecturer so many times so that I can keep improving my works I hoped this assignment provides the entire question ' requirement were given.
End said, thank you again to all on support already given. Service all of you very we value.  

Air Neslo Beng On Thursday, July 22, 2010


Alhamdulillah, with His consent finally, I able to complete English Language Proficiency course work under Miss Yusmiza leadership just in time determined. 
The main objective of this assignment is accorded to trainee teachers is to master English by better through learning that achieved from the articles. Through this assignment, I can increase present knowledge on English and the current issues nowadays. . 
Although many challenge faced, I hard in trying to complete this course work. After I given special briefing on assignment in, we foursome bring up and respective duty division. Then, we start our search with surf the internet to get the information that wanted by lecturer. However, I face some difficulty when forced to confront with rather slow internet service in Kota Bharu Teaching Institutes.
After that, I try to the extent possible to seek out suitable reading material that assignment title which gave. Source of reference shortage factor in institute library be problems to me. However, we still seek other initiatives to get quality reference book. 
After all data and information of necessity gathered, I start works type and edit data-data and information. Finally, able also we complete this course work in a period of time that is fixed. Indeed, which good the emanations from Allah and wicked ones that was my personal weakness is own. That’s all thank you.

Air Neslo Beng On Monday, July 19, 2010




SECTION A……………………… 5-6

SECTION B…………………….  7-14

SECTION C…………………… 15-17

REFLECTION…………………..   18 

Air Neslo Beng On Saturday, July 17, 2010

English language is one of the second-language that we should learnt. A great opportunity is belong to those who expert in English language. Those who can speaking fluently in English language are able to develop their domain in international level.  
Hopefully, I can improve my English language skills under Puan Juainah’s guidance.
Thank you.  

Air Neslo Beng On Friday, July 16, 2010

              Firstly,thanked God that I am given a good health to finish up this short coursework within the given time.I would like to say a lot of thanks to my beloved mother,Siti Bidah Binti Jusoh who always give me support me and encourages me to do the best in my study.
               I want to express my gratitude to my Thinking Skills lecturer,Madam Arthiletchemy Suberamaniam for her information and guidance about this short coursework.Her guidance made me more understand about what I am going to do.Besides, I would like to thank to my friends who had helped me in completing this short coursework.I am very appreciate all the good deeds.

Air Neslo Beng On Wednesday, July 14, 2010

         Firstly, I want to express my grateful to Almighty God that I am given a good health to finish this second short coursework for Language Description subject. Thus, I can submit it on the deadline. I want to thank my beloved mother, Siti Bidah Binti Jusoh who always gives me the motivation and support in my studies.
        A profound gratitude to my Language Description lecturer, Mr. N.Baratithasan for his guidance and information about this short coursework. He had given the briefing in the class on how to do this coursework with details. This made my classmates and I understand and clear about it.
        Besides from that, I want to thank my friend, Wan Sufiyyah Wan Zulkipli who had helped me to find the best tale from the internet. Thanks also to all my friends and anyone who helped me in completing this coursework. I appreciate all good deeds from the person who helped me.