Air Neslo Beng On Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thank to god as I can finish this  Science Project on time finally. We were given this task early in September by our lecturer, Sir Zohari  and we had told to hand in the task on 2 October 2008.
We admitted that at first, we felt so blur and a little bit nnervous because we do not know how  and what to do in doing this project. Our task was to do an experiment on pH indicator. We are divided into 10 groups which 2 person for each group to do the experiment. We should do complete this project together with our own pair but the report and the procedure report should be done individually. I used the information and some notes given to find the best natural substance that can act as an acid-base indicator and I found that red cabbage can be the effective natural indicator. The reason was the red cabbage contains a pigment molecule called flavin (anthocyanins).
Along the way, in doing this project, I gained a lot of knowledge about the indicator that I do not know before. A few problems occurred along the time we attempt to finish this task. The problems that we got to face are such as, time constraint and to do the experiment that we need to do, this is because we could,t find the time to make up the experiment. Besides, I also do not understand what to do at the beginning of the experiment. After I search the information from internet, and also do some discussion with my friends, I could understand and imagine what I should do actually.
From all above, honestly I feel happy and enjoy doing this task because it relates with science and our daily life. I want to thank my science lecturers and all my friends for helping me to find the information. Hoping my lecturer will be satisfied and happy with this chemistry project report .Once again I would like to thank to all who have given support until this project was completed successfully.