Air Neslo Beng On Thursday, July 22, 2010


Alhamdulillah, with His consent finally, I able to complete English Language Proficiency course work under Miss Yusmiza leadership just in time determined. 
The main objective of this assignment is accorded to trainee teachers is to master English by better through learning that achieved from the articles. Through this assignment, I can increase present knowledge on English and the current issues nowadays. . 
Although many challenge faced, I hard in trying to complete this course work. After I given special briefing on assignment in, we foursome bring up and respective duty division. Then, we start our search with surf the internet to get the information that wanted by lecturer. However, I face some difficulty when forced to confront with rather slow internet service in Kota Bharu Teaching Institutes.
After that, I try to the extent possible to seek out suitable reading material that assignment title which gave. Source of reference shortage factor in institute library be problems to me. However, we still seek other initiatives to get quality reference book. 
After all data and information of necessity gathered, I start works type and edit data-data and information. Finally, able also we complete this course work in a period of time that is fixed. Indeed, which good the emanations from Allah and wicked ones that was my personal weakness is own. That’s all thank you.


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